Hefa Sarana Kontraktor (HSK) is an Indonesian construction services company established in 2013 and domiciled in Karanganyar, Central Java.

We are working to build HSK to be a OneStopShopping Services for your property needs.

Currently the ongoing project at HSK is a bona fide project that requires certain product quality requirements and high-quality management by each project owner.

HSK is a blend of passion, journey and technology that provides value for your needs.

“HSK will be developed to be better and professional, this is the company’s continuous journey to evolve in
order to become a partner for clients along with the times, the development of needs, technological developments and the development of challenges faced by clients.”

Faried Setiawan, ST – CEO

“We have no other choice, we must evolve, improve competence, gain insight into what is happening in the global construction world.
It’s like digging endlessly, just do it as long as it has benefits for progress.”

Ir Hardiansyah – COO